On Wednesday night I fell off my bike. This happens fairly frequently, but on this occasion something about the way that I landed meant that both of the bones in my right arm snapped. I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, it was just one of those things.

Luckily for me Tom and Nigel were on hand to sort me out. I couldn’t move at all because my wrist was moving independently of my elbow and the bones would have poked out of the skin. This was the most painful thing I have ever felt, by a long way. I can’t describe how bad the pain was, but I was making horrible noises and shaking and shivering. The paramedics came in about 20 minutes which was quick considering where we were and gave me gas and air. That is good stuff.

To cut a long story short I have 2 plates in my arm and a cast for the next few months. The nurses at Ashford hospital did a really good job and I am so grateful for the NHS, and all the people who helped me. I can’t imagine how bad it would have been if I had been alone, (especially as my phone gets no signal at the trails).

I don’t want to ride with plates in my arm, especailly with what happened to Tim, so I think it will be 2 or 3 years before I am back on a bike, but I do hope to ride again one day. I am sure you will see me at the woods before then with my camera anyway!

I don’t want loads of sympathy or anything, I know this is a risk I took every time I rode my bike. I am just grateful for the 6 years riding I have enjoyed and all the good memories. Don’t take it for granted.

Are trails addictive?


I always want to stay at the trails for as long as possible. I think I am probably addicted to them. However much I ride it never seems to be enough. I always want one more run. Does anyone else get this? I also have the same problem with other stuff. I go to bed too late every night because I want to do too much stuff. Playing the guitar or reading or anything really. I can’t just put things down.

Also, you know how tennis players have rituals when they play – how they arrange their towels, or how they tie their laces. Does anyone have a ritual they do everytime they ride? Mine is probably wiping my hands on my trousers to dry them off.

July in the garden


Let me explain what is going on here. I am sitting in my garden working on my laptop. This is my new office. The laptop gets internet access from the wireless connection in my house, and the headphone are getting music from the transmitter on my hifi. The music comes from the internet through Technology is pretty amazing.

Also in the picture you can see the courgette, strawberry, chili, carrot and tomato plants we are growing. Free food!

There are some more pictures of July in the garden.

Shark Spotters, Cape Town

This is my first shark post for ages. The good news is that I am pregnant, but the bad news is that this has made me sick for 4 months. It’s been really horrid, but for the first time yesterday and today I have felt much better. I am really glad. So now I have energy for looking at shark websites (look at those links – they are all really good) and I have found a new website that I think is great so this post is about that.

The website is:

It is really good for a lot of reasons. Shark spotters was set up by a surfer who didn’t want to get attacked by a shark but who also didn’t like the idea of anti-shark measures which kill sharks and other marine life just so that he could surf without being afraid.

So he set up Shark Spotters; he employs people who are finding it difficult to get work and teaches them about sharks and how to spot them. Then they go to places that are good for spotting sharks like up on the mountains around the coast or on a beach tower. If they see a shark swimming near a beach they sound an alarm and everyone knows to get out of the water. And they can tell people about sharks.

Since they started 3 years ago there haven’t been any shark attacks at all even though there’s a seal colony just nearby (where we went to see sharks) and one of the world’s largest populations of great white sharks in the world. I think this is a really good solution – provides protection for people who want to enjoy the sea without endangering the wildlife that lives there.

Friday 4th July

ChainsawedThe other day I woke up to this sight. Someone had cut down two trees right next to my car. I was pleased that the car was ok, but I needed to leave and there were 2 trees blocking my way.

The trails have been really quiet this week. Riding by yourself is not ideal but its better than not riding at all. When you have 10 lines to choose from you have to choose carefully, as there’s not time to water all 10. Today I rode 3 different lines. Tomorrow I can probably ride 3 others. There’s so much fun to be had at the trails. Just wish there were more people to share it with.

Saltash trails look like nothing I have ever seen: