Are trails addictive?


I always want to stay at the trails for as long as possible. I think I am probably addicted to them. However much I ride it never seems to be enough. I always want one more run. Does anyone else get this? I also have the same problem with other stuff. I go to bed too late every night because I want to do too much stuff. Playing the guitar or reading or anything really. I can’t just put things down.

Also, you know how tennis players have rituals when they play – how they arrange their towels, or how they tie their laces. Does anyone have a ritual they do everytime they ride? Mine is probably wiping my hands on my trousers to dry them off.


4 responses to “Are trails addictive?”

  1. ahh is that last roller section comming back to the top? love that bit.
    yeah deffnately addictive i think itsjsut liek the most possible fun that you could have so probbaly explains why. cant imagine anything better than it. tried thinking but just dunno!
    yeah rituals- top of the run in every run getting too long now gotta stop it- tap head with both thumbs one of either side then with tips of fingers twice haha, sort of liek if u dont do it ul crash. some times i dont do it but i dont necesarily crash just do something scary like nose bonk as if its liek a warning to not try and get out of the habbit ha.
    jsut a bit of OCD i think maybe?


  2. Keep riding until you can’t hold on anymore, those sessions when you get cramps in your arms walking back up to the top and just wing another run hoping your muscles dont seize up mid run.

    I used to have a ritual of touching a bit of wood before every run, I don’t know how it started but it lasted a whole year. I hated having to do it but it took me ages to get over it.


  3. I was going to mention polls touching that piece of wood thing since I’m sure one day he said, im not going to touch it this run and then crashed it at wisley.

    I hate doing any pre run ‘ritual’ for that reason but I enjoy saying ‘one last run’


  4. my rituals got rediculous at one stage, i would be tapping stuff, saying stuff and doing things with my toes in my shoes all at the same time. it turned into more of a seizure at the top of the run in and got embarressing at jams. i tired hard to lose em and finally did. feels better with out. we will be up your way soon ben!


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