Are trails addictive?


I always want to stay at the trails for as long as possible. I think I am probably addicted to them. However much I ride it never seems to be enough. I always want one more run. Does anyone else get this? I also have the same problem with other stuff. I go to bed too late every night because I want to do too much stuff. Playing the guitar or reading or anything really. I can’t just put things down.

Also, you know how tennis players have rituals when they play – how they arrange their towels, or how they tie their laces. Does anyone have a ritual they do everytime they ride? Mine is probably wiping my hands on my trousers to dry them off.

Some woods somewhere

First bluebells of the year:

First bluebells

Some people have spent this winter moving mud. It takes a long time to build jumps.


If you haven’t helped moving mud at some trails somewhere this winter, do you think that it is fair to expect other people to let you ride on their mud that they spent so long moving?


Don’t be surprised if you turn up at the trails for the first time this year in July to be told where the spades are. There’s still plenty of digging to be done in July.

See you at the woods tonight?

Fun in the woods

More digging today. Four people at the woods including new boy Jack. Pretty good to have so many people helping out for a change.


There is still a lot of stuff to be built, but hopefully a lot will get done tomorrow. Greg is always hungry:

Hungry Greg Nigel sitting

The woods is a pretty fun place to be at the moment. If you’re not there you’re missing out. Spring is good times.

Greg stuffing 1
Greg stuffing 2
Greg stuffing 3
Greg stuffing 4
Greg stuffing 5
Greg stuffing 6