Me on the radio

I was on Radio 4 on Saturday morning. On this show. You can listen to it here. Fast forward to to 10:55.

They were interested in this idea.

UPDATE: The BBC delete podcasts after a week. You can download the file with this link:

iPM – 25th July 2008

2 responses to “Me on the radio”

  1. i want to hear your crippled ramblings but i cant 😦

    Not Found

    The requested URL /podcasts/radio4/ipm/ipm_20080725-1939.mp3 was not found on this server.


  2. Broken arm eh? Falling off your bike.. a likely story, I reckon it was one to many congratulatory High Fives – best wishes an that on the baby news, stoked for you dude! (Sorry it’s taken so long for me to congratulate you myself.)


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