Shark Spotters, Cape Town

This is my first shark post for ages. The good news is that I am pregnant, but the bad news is that this has made me sick for 4 months. It’s been really horrid, but for the first time yesterday and today I have felt much better. I am really glad. So now I have energy for looking at shark websites (look at those links – they are all really good) and I have found a new website that I think is great so this post is about that.

The website is:

It is really good for a lot of reasons. Shark spotters was set up by a surfer who didn’t want to get attacked by a shark but who also didn’t like the idea of anti-shark measures which kill sharks and other marine life just so that he could surf without being afraid.

So he set up Shark Spotters; he employs people who are finding it difficult to get work and teaches them about sharks and how to spot them. Then they go to places that are good for spotting sharks like up on the mountains around the coast or on a beach tower. If they see a shark swimming near a beach they sound an alarm and everyone knows to get out of the water. And they can tell people about sharks.

Since they started 3 years ago there haven’t been any shark attacks at all even though there’s a seal colony just nearby (where we went to see sharks) and one of the world’s largest populations of great white sharks in the world. I think this is a really good solution – provides protection for people who want to enjoy the sea without endangering the wildlife that lives there.

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  1. Congratulations rebekah! Looking forward to u cramming in loads of shark updates before your hands are full 🙂


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