On Wednesday night I fell off my bike. This happens fairly frequently, but on this occasion something about the way that I landed meant that both of the bones in my right arm snapped. I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, it was just one of those things.

Luckily for me Tom and Nigel were on hand to sort me out. I couldn’t move at all because my wrist was moving independently of my elbow and the bones would have poked out of the skin. This was the most painful thing I have ever felt, by a long way. I can’t describe how bad the pain was, but I was making horrible noises and shaking and shivering. The paramedics came in about 20 minutes which was quick considering where we were and gave me gas and air. That is good stuff.

To cut a long story short I have 2 plates in my arm and a cast for the next few months. The nurses at Ashford hospital did a really good job and I am so grateful for the NHS, and all the people who helped me. I can’t imagine how bad it would have been if I had been alone, (especially as my phone gets no signal at the trails).

I don’t want to ride with plates in my arm, especailly with what happened to Tim, so I think it will be 2 or 3 years before I am back on a bike, but I do hope to ride again one day. I am sure you will see me at the woods before then with my camera anyway!

I don’t want loads of sympathy or anything, I know this is a risk I took every time I rode my bike. I am just grateful for the 6 years riding I have enjoyed and all the good memories. Don’t take it for granted.

10 responses to “Agony”

  1. looks like nigels in for a long cold winter on his own, with my departure and your unfortunate injury, that leaves rob who’s either working or on holiday, tom the artisté, greg who could pass as nigels adopted son and……

    hope you have a miraculous 2 week recovery ben.


  2. Before i read this i was already depressed, now i am almost suicidal………
    If this is what they call repayment for all the hard work during the winter then ime outta here.
    I dont blame you for not wanting to ride with plates, if riding at all ever again.
    I wish you good luck and hope everything goes well with the healing process!



  3. don’t be too depressed. there’s a lot more to life than riding, and i have had a pretty good year anyway – rode every line at the trails, and almost all of the transfers – theres just a few that need testing if you want a challenge!

    I dug and rode to have fun, and I have had so much more fun than I could have had doing anything else. no regrets!


  4. I heard apparently Brian Yeagle, Chris Doyle and a few others were riding Epsom on thhe weekend!
    Would of been good to see that…..
    Also does Nigel have a ticket for the Red bull event?


  5. Really sorry to hear that Ben.

    The worst injuries I’ve seen have been from the smallest crashes on the smallest jumps.

    Good luck with recovery.


  6. so annoying that is ben but ull be back on the bike by next summer easily!
    u planning on going to empire at the weekend?
    when do u ge the plates out? im sure weel be seeing you back down the trails by end of this year!


  7. outrageously sorry to hear this ben, although its a good place that you’re at, that theres so many other things you appreciate doing. hope something heals fast enough and its not your wanking arm. now that would be a bummer. x


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