Really just do what you like doing

I have been thinking about how sometimes it can seem like there seem to be expectations that you should do lots of things.  We have quite a lot of friends who are away seeing people or doing things really most weekends or maybe every weekend.  I think this is ok if that is what you like.  I don’t really. 

What I like doing is having a bath and reading a book and seeing Ben and walking in the woods and thinking and doing music.  I also like swimming.  So I think people might think I am very boring.  I don’t care because I like it and that, I think, is all that matters.


28th April

The other night a strange thing happened. We were merrily digging away at the trails when two groups of people turned up at the same time. One pulled up in a truck with BMX’s in the back and proceeded to push their way through the fence. The others looked like pikeys and made me reach for my wallet. The latter group came up to me and started asking about the trails – did we have permission, how did we get it, etc etc. They weren’t pikeys and they were really freindly. They had made the effort of parking up the road, so as to not draw attention to the trails and they couldn’t believe we had dug it all by hand. (They rode motorcross and have been digging a track for that). This was a nice suprise.

While I was talking to these chaps, the BMXers started walking around the trails and having a look at stuff. They didn’t speak to me or even acknowledge my presence. Then they pushed back through the fence to get to their truck and started to take out their bikes. I was pretty suprised by their rudeness. Then, even more strangely, they all got in the truck and drove off. Strange days.

Ever seen a baby pigeon?

This is an interesting thing I have found out today.  I have never seen a baby pigeon.  This is because pigeons grow very quickly and stay in their nest whilst they are growing.  So they look like adult pigeons even when they are in their nest.

 Homing pigeons are pretty clever as they can spot land marks from high up and find their way even across the atlantic.


Apparently, it used to be believed that a pigeon could suck poison out of wounds with it’s back end and were used to try to treat adder bites.  I do not expect this was effective.

Last summer we sailed across the channel to Guernsey and on the way a pigeon landed on our friend’s hand.  This was quite surprising and distracted Ben from being sick.  It was a very tired pigeon and sat in our boat until we got to Guernsey.  We think it was having trouble with the wind because it couldn’t really fly against it very easily.

However, I still do not really like pigeons.

27th April

Call to stop children’s drinking.
I don’t really drink as I don’t particularly enjoy it, but I know a lot of people like to relax in the evening by consuming alcohol and I think this is a good thing to do if you enjoy it. I don’t understand what this charity (Alcohol Concern) is trying to achieve.

The charity would include meal times at home in the ban on giving alcohol to young people.

It seems like they are trying to give the message that alcohol is evil and no-one should touch it at all. This seems ridiculous. When I was younger my parents let me drink a bit of alcohol with a meal, so that I knew about it. If they hadn’t allowed me anywhere near the stuff I would probably have been a lot more interested in it and wanted to experiment with it a lot more. Parents should be encouraged to educate their children about alcohol and how to enjoy it without causing yourself harm, not prosecuted for allowing their children to have a sip of wine with their dinner.

The charity are also calling for “a crackdown on under-age alcohol sales”.

The charity are also calling for “a crackdown on under-age alcohol sales”.

Last week I went to buy some lager at Tescos, and they asked to see my ID. Fine. I showed them my driving license, no problem I thought. Then they asked to see my wife’s ID. Notice that it was me who was carring the lager, me who was paying for it. She didn’t have her purse with her, so they refused to sell me any alcohol. Simply becasue someone was standing near me. I wouldn’t be suprised if soon parent’s were not allowed to buy alcohol if their kids were with them at the checkout. I don’t think we need “a crackdown on under-age alcohol sales”.

My trails again tonight if anyone is interested…

“Have a say in how your life is run”

…this is a direct quote from the BBC 6 o’clock news, describing the elections coming up next week.  What??  I think I will run my own life thanks, rather than just giving politicians an idea of how I’d like it run for me.


I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as this government has spent a lot of time making up laws trying to control how we spend our free time and even how we choose to raise our children.  I’m not big into hunting myself, but why should some politicians decide what people should do when they’re not at work?

On a tastier note, I had a delicious curry for my tea, out of jar made by Pataks.   Much, much nicer than that Badsha mess.  And a lot cheaper.


22nd April

The government is doing a consultation on the new climate change bill. You can tell them what you think (if you live in the UK) here.

I have been thinking about making a forum for all BMX sites to use. My idea was to have mini-forums within the forum and each one would be used as a guestbook for every site that wanted one. This would be good as people would have the same names across all the guestbooks, it would reduce spam and it would be quick to see what people were posting. It might just be a bit of a failure, like the mega book, but it would be better than the mega book because there would be a different section for every site – so it wouldn’t get too confusing. It would be better than bravenet too! What do you think?

Not just Bad-sha

Today Ben and I had a very bad experience.  I fancied a curry for my tea so we went to Badsha in Tenterden to get one.  First they gave my curry to someone else so I had to wait longer for it.  But mistakes happen so I just waited for mine.  Then I took it with me back to the jumps.

It was horrible.  It was a cashew curry (they call it badami) and it had no flavour at all.  It didn’t claim to be particularly mild, and I’m pretty keen on any kind of curry but it just didn’t have any taste whatsoever.  And it had cost £7.75. 

So we decided it would be reasonable to take it back. 

Not only were we offered no kind of compensation at all, we were treated with aggression and disrespect.  The waiter we spoke to shouted at us (in front of a whole restaurent of customers – many of whom looked pretty surprised!), saying that if there was nothing wrong with the food (being tasteless and having only 2 half cashews in doesn’t seem to count) they didn’t have to do anything and you couldn’t just take things back.  After all you can’t do that in Tesco.  Well actually you can do that in Tesco but they’re different in Badsha Indian.

It wasn’t so much the nasty food that we had paid a rather high price for that was particularly bothering, but the way in which our complaint was handled.  He could have politely said that he was sorry but there was nothing he could do; instead he was rude and very aggressive.

We will not be getting food from Badsha’s again – which is a shame for them too as we would have been likely to get a take away most Saturdays over the summer.