28th April

The other night a strange thing happened. We were merrily digging away at the trails when two groups of people turned up at the same time. One pulled up in a truck with BMX’s in the back and proceeded to push their way through the fence. The others looked like pikeys and made me reach for my wallet. The latter group came up to me and started asking about the trails – did we have permission, how did we get it, etc etc. They weren’t pikeys and they were really freindly. They had made the effort of parking up the road, so as to not draw attention to the trails and they couldn’t believe we had dug it all by hand. (They rode motorcross and have been digging a track for that). This was a nice suprise.

While I was talking to these chaps, the BMXers started walking around the trails and having a look at stuff. They didn’t speak to me or even acknowledge my presence. Then they pushed back through the fence to get to their truck and started to take out their bikes. I was pretty suprised by their rudeness. Then, even more strangely, they all got in the truck and drove off. Strange days.

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