Ever seen a baby pigeon?

This is an interesting thing I have found out today.  I have never seen a baby pigeon.  This is because pigeons grow very quickly and stay in their nest whilst they are growing.  So they look like adult pigeons even when they are in their nest.

 Homing pigeons are pretty clever as they can spot land marks from high up and find their way even across the atlantic.


Apparently, it used to be believed that a pigeon could suck poison out of wounds with it’s back end and were used to try to treat adder bites.  I do not expect this was effective.

Last summer we sailed across the channel to Guernsey and on the way a pigeon landed on our friend’s hand.  This was quite surprising and distracted Ben from being sick.  It was a very tired pigeon and sat in our boat until we got to Guernsey.  We think it was having trouble with the wind because it couldn’t really fly against it very easily.

However, I still do not really like pigeons.

One response to “Ever seen a baby pigeon?”

  1. thats not baby, i have photos form bab y ones at work ill scan one they look like little red rubber birdy things.


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