Not just Bad-sha

Today Ben and I had a very bad experience.  I fancied a curry for my tea so we went to Badsha in Tenterden to get one.  First they gave my curry to someone else so I had to wait longer for it.  But mistakes happen so I just waited for mine.  Then I took it with me back to the jumps.

It was horrible.  It was a cashew curry (they call it badami) and it had no flavour at all.  It didn’t claim to be particularly mild, and I’m pretty keen on any kind of curry but it just didn’t have any taste whatsoever.  And it had cost £7.75. 

So we decided it would be reasonable to take it back. 

Not only were we offered no kind of compensation at all, we were treated with aggression and disrespect.  The waiter we spoke to shouted at us (in front of a whole restaurent of customers – many of whom looked pretty surprised!), saying that if there was nothing wrong with the food (being tasteless and having only 2 half cashews in doesn’t seem to count) they didn’t have to do anything and you couldn’t just take things back.  After all you can’t do that in Tesco.  Well actually you can do that in Tesco but they’re different in Badsha Indian.

It wasn’t so much the nasty food that we had paid a rather high price for that was particularly bothering, but the way in which our complaint was handled.  He could have politely said that he was sorry but there was nothing he could do; instead he was rude and very aggressive.

We will not be getting food from Badsha’s again – which is a shame for them too as we would have been likely to get a take away most Saturdays over the summer.

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