“Have a say in how your life is run”

…this is a direct quote from the BBC 6 o’clock news, describing the elections coming up next week.  What??  I think I will run my own life thanks, rather than just giving politicians an idea of how I’d like it run for me.


I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as this government has spent a lot of time making up laws trying to control how we spend our free time and even how we choose to raise our children.  I’m not big into hunting myself, but why should some politicians decide what people should do when they’re not at work?

On a tastier note, I had a delicious curry for my tea, out of jar made by Pataks.   Much, much nicer than that Badsha mess.  And a lot cheaper.


2 responses to ““Have a say in how your life is run””

  1. see shorter posts and people wont be scared of wading through it all, i had chicken tikka masala with rice, wasnt very nice indian is rubbish


  2. Nothing really to do with this particular post, but I just read some of your blogs and they are pretty interesting to read, and fairly cool to hear other peoples opinions 🙂 Pretty Rad…


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