Maidstone Park 4 Pegs

There photos are from a week ago. I went to the park at lunch time and then loads of people turned up just as I was leaving. One of them was this guy who had 4 pegs and 2 brakes. He did lots of good tricks like disater to front wheel tap to disaster, very long ice picks, tailwhip to tyre tap, tailwhips over the box, 540 front wheel manuals over the box, riding on the rail, front peg stall to footjam whip (not pulled) and loads of other mad stuff.
This guy often runs past the skatepark. Who likes short shorts?
Ice pick.

Can’t think of a title.

Yesterday was pretty good. We went to Sittingbourne in the evening and it was really quiet so we got a lot of riding done. you have to go really fast to clear the box, but it is fun. Very tiring though. Soon quite a few people went home and you could pretty much have things to yourself – I had the spine mini to myself for a while, and Tim was on the mini mini for a while too. I got some pictures which might be up tonight.

The Google Zeitgeist

If you have never been here or here then have a look. Its really interesting what people do on the internet. The top four words searched for in 2004 on were: britney spears, paris hilton, christina aguilera and pamela anderson. The rest of the top ten were: chat, games, carmen electra, orlando bloom, harry potter and mp3. A strange mix.

However on the list is very different:

1. bbc news
2. big brother
3. cbbc
4. autotrader
5. dictionary
6. tesco
7. eastenders
8. weather
9. british airways
10. national lottery

Just goes to show how boring British people are. Other things of interest are popular food:

1. pizza
2. sushi
3. bakery
4. chinese
5. italian

Some other interesting things: Last week, aishwarya rai was the second in the top 10 gaining queries, this week aishwarya rai was the highest declining query. Who or what is aishwarya rai? 5 minute wonder. Same goes for petra nemcova and jerry orbach. Who are these people?

Another interesting thing is here. Have a look at the week ending December 13th. For some reason, that week there were loads of people asking computer questions – web hosting, windows 2k, windows xp and office 2003. What’s going on there? Also the same week there were two highly declining queries for install windows xp and microsoft office. All I can think is that this was the week where some geeks were playing lets mess around with google.

Finally, although it didn’t make it into the top 10 of 2004, last year, paintball wasa very popular search word.

There you go that wasted some time.

Sittingbourne (14th January)

Here are some photos I took last Thursday at Sittingbourne. There are no good ones becasue I only used the camera for about 5 minutes as I was riding a lot.
First up, some guy I have no clue, high on the curved wallride.
Ok, Netley (, 540 tyre trap probably, and Rory ( over the volcano/hip. I really can’t ride this thing. For some reason it is a lot harder than a normal volcano
That’s Mark Love/John Love/Maggot on the left. I totally mistimed this but I like the way it looks anyway. On the right, good to see Tim back on his bike again. Sittingbourne was pretty fun. My favorite thing is still the spine mini, but the box is ok as well now. Another trip soon I think, maybe when I’ve got the slave that yak told me about.


rorysittingbourne.jpgWent to Sittingbourne last night at the last minute (sorry Nigel). The barend boys were there. I met Rory who was really friendly and showed him my barend sticker. He knew about our trails being plowed and stuff – it always suprises me when someone looks at my website.

This was also Tims second time back on his bike for 5 months (I don’t count flatland, cross country or all that stuff.) So that was good. And he didn’t break anything. I don’t think he’s fallen off yet though.

Sittingbourne was pretty busy. There is a box where the foam used to be, but it’s hard to clear. It has a good steep landing though, which is nice, but it makes it quite short. I have a few other pictures but no good ones.

Right: Rory over the volcano hip bowl thingy.

Hidden Nation – Sidewinder Stem

This is the story of my hidden nation stem. Ever since I saw the designs for this stem I thought that it looked like a really good product. I waited for about six months for them to be manufactured. Then one day I saw them advertised on for less than hidden nation were going to sell them for. I emailed them to ask how long it would take to get it and they said about 10 days. So I made the order and waited and waited. Then one day I saw Nigel and he had just ordered this Hidden Nation stem, direct i think. It came the next week. I still hadn’t heard anything from, so I emailed them.

Apparently my order had been cancelled becasue it was so old. I wasn’t over the moon about this. Hadn’t they told me it would only take 10 days? Shouldn’t they have told me that they were going to cancel my order? So I sent them a rude email and they sent me out the stem quite quickly.

stem1TN.jpgJob done, so I thought. Then a few weeks later I see Nigel again and Hidden Nation, or whoever he got the stem off, have been in touch with him and sent him replacement bolts becasue apparently the ones provided weren’t long enough. I wondered why my bars had been slipping a lot.

I was going to email again but I was lazy. Then about a week later Tim got something from the post office telling him that there was a package for me. He went to pick it up, but he had to pay about a pound because the postage didn’t over the weight. Inside were my new stem bolts, a polite letter and a free sticker, which was very nice of Hidden Nation, but it would have been good if they’d have paid the postage.

Anyway with my new bolts in the stem and my sticker on my frame for good luck, it all seems to be working fine. This stem is probably the lightest BMX stem ever, but it seems very robust.

I really like the design – having the bolts at the side means there is more knee clearance, and less sharp stuff to hit your legs on. It is really easy to put on, and, unlike my old stem, doesn’t make any horrible noises when you tighten it, or when you are riding. Aside from this I can’t say that I noticed much of a difference, but I think that is generally a good thing with bike parts.