rorysittingbourne.jpgWent to Sittingbourne last night at the last minute (sorry Nigel). The barend boys were there. I met Rory who was really friendly and showed him my barend sticker. He knew about our trails being plowed and stuff – it always suprises me when someone looks at my website.

This was also Tims second time back on his bike for 5 months (I don’t count flatland, cross country or all that stuff.) So that was good. And he didn’t break anything. I don’t think he’s fallen off yet though.

Sittingbourne was pretty busy. There is a box where the foam used to be, but it’s hard to clear. It has a good steep landing though, which is nice, but it makes it quite short. I have a few other pictures but no good ones.

Right: Rory over the volcano hip bowl thingy.

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