Sittingbourne (14th January)

Here are some photos I took last Thursday at Sittingbourne. There are no good ones becasue I only used the camera for about 5 minutes as I was riding a lot.
First up, some guy I have no clue, high on the curved wallride.
Ok, Netley (, 540 tyre trap probably, and Rory ( over the volcano/hip. I really can’t ride this thing. For some reason it is a lot harder than a normal volcano
That’s Mark Love/John Love/Maggot on the left. I totally mistimed this but I like the way it looks anyway. On the right, good to see Tim back on his bike again. Sittingbourne was pretty fun. My favorite thing is still the spine mini, but the box is ok as well now. Another trip soon I think, maybe when I’ve got the slave that yak told me about.

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