The Google Zeitgeist

If you have never been here or here then have a look. Its really interesting what people do on the internet. The top four words searched for in 2004 on were: britney spears, paris hilton, christina aguilera and pamela anderson. The rest of the top ten were: chat, games, carmen electra, orlando bloom, harry potter and mp3. A strange mix.

However on the list is very different:

1. bbc news
2. big brother
3. cbbc
4. autotrader
5. dictionary
6. tesco
7. eastenders
8. weather
9. british airways
10. national lottery

Just goes to show how boring British people are. Other things of interest are popular food:

1. pizza
2. sushi
3. bakery
4. chinese
5. italian

Some other interesting things: Last week, aishwarya rai was the second in the top 10 gaining queries, this week aishwarya rai was the highest declining query. Who or what is aishwarya rai? 5 minute wonder. Same goes for petra nemcova and jerry orbach. Who are these people?

Another interesting thing is here. Have a look at the week ending December 13th. For some reason, that week there were loads of people asking computer questions – web hosting, windows 2k, windows xp and office 2003. What’s going on there? Also the same week there were two highly declining queries for install windows xp and microsoft office. All I can think is that this was the week where some geeks were playing lets mess around with google.

Finally, although it didn’t make it into the top 10 of 2004, last year, paintball wasa very popular search word.

There you go that wasted some time.

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