I don’t work in London, but if I did then I’d see a lot of this. People going places fast (all wearing the same shoes!?). I got told not to take pictures by security becasue I could be planning a terrorist attack. The underground is a strange place. I don’t know how to feel about it. In a way it’s facinating but at the same time really boring and dull. I am glad I don’t live in a city.

Pretty Shady

It looks like pretty shady has died. I think it’s a year old – if you don’t pay the server money then it won’t work.

Not sure what the future is. Will pretty shady get renewed? Will joe go back to geocities? Will the internet ever be the same again. For now I am afraid you will have to get to know the other sites on my links page a bit better.

Ricky Gervais: Animals

This is on TV tonight. TONIGHT. You have to watch it. If you are out record it. It is very funny.

It’s hard to do a review without giving jokes away, or making something sound so good that you will be disapointed but I will give it a go.

After watching the office you think that no one could be more annoying than David Brent. Ricky Gervais is able to continue playing this character in his stand up show, but in a way that doesn’t make you hate him – you know that he isn’t serious. Maybe this makes it better than the office, or maybe its more annoying. I think that’s it’s less subtle humor, although the distinction between Gervias and the characters he personifies is less clear.

This probably gives it a more mass appeal than the office, without loosing Gervais’ humor and wit. He has a knack with his phraseology which I really like as well. Like he will say some stupid phrase like “every cloud” or “swings and roundabouts”, but with so much sarcasm that it will be hilarious.

The show is basically about animals – the bits David Attenborough left out. And it really is that. There are a lot of strange facts about animals. Which I like.

Politics isn’t as good as Animals. It is a bit more picky. So anyway, you have to watch it.


I ate some interesting food yesterday. Above: Tea was blue because it was made with blueberries. It looked very strange but it tasted really nice. Below: My first ever egg sandwich. I never had an egg sandwich until yesterday becasue they smelt so disgusting. They were actually nice though. It was a free lunch with wrok which is why it’s on a fancy plate. I have 2 lunches on Wednesday and 2 lunches on Monday.


My camera has been broken for a bout 4 months probably. It does this thing where when you press the button down to focus, and then down all the way, it doesn’t take a picture. This can get annoying, but it’s less annoying than not having a camera so I put up with it. I have an insurance package with Jessops which cost about £50 but I didn’t want to use it becasue I would be without a camera for about 6 weeks. Anyway I got annoyed with my camera and 4 months later I took it to Jessops for them to fix it. I asked if they could replace it while mine was away and they said that’s fine and gave me a 4 mega pixel olympus digicam. Thanks very much. So at the moment I like Jessops.

2 years ago.

Some old Knowlhill pages. 2 years ago? This is what knowlhill was like. To be honest I prefer it to pretty shady. There’s a lot more links to different places and it’s much harder to make sense of which makes it a lot more interesting. It’s kind of like an insight into Joe’s organisational skills. I wish pretty shady would go back to being like this. Two years ago I had never ridden a skatepark before ever in my life. In fact I had never even been to one.

Here are Joe Alderson’s predictions for 2003:

I predict that in the year 2003……. well I think tables will be cool, but every one will be able to get geocities so not many people will do them and all the table photo’s were taken in 2002.

Well tables are still cool.

They will just be in the bag of tricks for most riders. I think their will less beginner tricks (safe things like 1 foot x-ups and tables) and more twists, 2 foot cans and no handers.

I think that’s true too.

I think the trails will be better than ever too.

Unfortunatly not true. Trails most places are going to waste.

I think James will be a very pro, pete will disappear into America after staying their for 3 weeks then just going into hiding.

Well Pete has practically disappeared.

Lima will get a video section some how.

Not video but lots of magazine coverage.

hmm, poll will get worse and get a full time job or something to pay off his depts,


pipe will be pipe and rich will be rich.


Joe smalley will be a fashion photographer and we will forget about him and he’l become rich and famous and have a big house and some how get a really good gf or bf or something.

Almost true.

Wish will win some comp or something and George will have even more sponsors. will be known as fact. Sat/ox will turn into a magazine or something proper. I dunno, and I won’t drive a car i’l fly one.”

Last bit’s not so true. Some of it is quite close though considering.


Well who’d have thought it. I have been trying to sell lots of junk on ebay recently and most of it has sold for a pittance. I just put this on about a minute ago and I have already had someone email me offering £30 for it. Nuts.

What should I do? Do I take the £30 and say thank you very much, or hold out on the auction, hoping that he will still bid the £30 anyway and that someone else does too, to keep the price high?

Should I hold out? Answers in the book.