Ricky Gervais: Animals

This is on TV tonight. TONIGHT. You have to watch it. If you are out record it. It is very funny.

It’s hard to do a review without giving jokes away, or making something sound so good that you will be disapointed but I will give it a go.

After watching the office you think that no one could be more annoying than David Brent. Ricky Gervais is able to continue playing this character in his stand up show, but in a way that doesn’t make you hate him – you know that he isn’t serious. Maybe this makes it better than the office, or maybe its more annoying. I think that’s it’s less subtle humor, although the distinction between Gervias and the characters he personifies is less clear.

This probably gives it a more mass appeal than the office, without loosing Gervais’ humor and wit. He has a knack with his phraseology which I really like as well. Like he will say some stupid phrase like “every cloud” or “swings and roundabouts”, but with so much sarcasm that it will be hilarious.

The show is basically about animals – the bits David Attenborough left out. And it really is that. There are a lot of strange facts about animals. Which I like.

Politics isn’t as good as Animals. It is a bit more picky. So anyway, you have to watch it.

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