2 years ago.

Some old Knowlhill pages. 2 years ago? This is what knowlhill was like. To be honest I prefer it to pretty shady. There’s a lot more links to different places and it’s much harder to make sense of which makes it a lot more interesting. It’s kind of like an insight into Joe’s organisational skills. I wish pretty shady would go back to being like this. Two years ago I had never ridden a skatepark before ever in my life. In fact I had never even been to one.

Here are Joe Alderson’s predictions for 2003:

I predict that in the year 2003……. well I think tables will be cool, but every one will be able to get geocities so not many people will do them and all the table photo’s were taken in 2002.

Well tables are still cool.

They will just be in the bag of tricks for most riders. I think their will less beginner tricks (safe things like 1 foot x-ups and tables) and more twists, 2 foot cans and no handers.

I think that’s true too.

I think the trails will be better than ever too.

Unfortunatly not true. Trails most places are going to waste.

I think James will be a very pro, pete will disappear into America after staying their for 3 weeks then just going into hiding.

Well Pete has practically disappeared.

Lima will get a video section some how.

Not video but lots of magazine coverage.

hmm, poll will get worse and get a full time job or something to pay off his depts,


pipe will be pipe and rich will be rich.


Joe smalley will be a fashion photographer and we will forget about him and he’l become rich and famous and have a big house and some how get a really good gf or bf or something.

Almost true.

Wish will win some comp or something and George will have even more sponsors. knowlhill.com will be known as knowlhill.tk. fact. Sat/ox will turn into a magazine or something proper. I dunno, and I won’t drive a car i’l fly one.”

Last bit’s not so true. Some of it is quite close though considering.

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