clothing5.jpgNoid co is a new website run by Tom and Nigel (and me). The site covers the Tenterden scene as well as the trips we go on. Noid co also sells products. At the moment there are only t-shirts, but hopefully soon there will be hoodys and hardware.

That picture on the right is one of the t-shirt designs. Most of the stuff is designed by Tom I think. He is studying art or something at Epsom and all the designs are really good. Nigel did photography at college and now does some freelance work, so the photos on the site are really good as well.

So any way, go to the site and buy a t-shirt. Tom: I haven’t got your designs yet. Also, you should set up a Noid paypal account so people can pay for their stuff straight into that. (like for the barend dvd which I bought yesterday)

The Shawshank Redemption

This has got to be one of the best films I have EVER seen. it truly is so so good. The story follows this guy called Andy Dufrane, who gets jailed for murder basically. im really really crap at writing reviews so im not gonna speak for that long. when you get to the end you just realise how everything fits together. what amazes me about this film is that it did so appallingly at the box office. it bombed really badly, so they pulled it out of the cinema, and sent it pretty much straight to video. it has to be in my top five films ever, if not top because it is sooo good. i recommend everyone in the world to watch this film. morgan freeman is so incredible in it, as is tim robbins. i havent really seen tim robbins in much else since apart from high fidelity (also a very good film). but basically if you like good films then you will probably like the shawshank redemption. go watch it!

someone rereview this because its crap.

Wobbegong Shark

I have not done a shark update for a very long time as I have been very busy being a wife and earning Ben some money. But due to popular demand here is a shark update. I hope you enjoy it. It is about the shark with the most amusing name: The wobbegong shark. They don’t tend to eat people, which makes them a lot less interesting.

They are quite funny looking though:


And they will bite you if you stand on one. Which is understandable. Yesterday I saw a lady who had lost her teeth but was looking forward to getting them back so she could bite people yum yum yum.

Some information about wobbegong sharks (orectolobus ornatus)

Size – 10 feet long

Diet – The wobbegong has wormlike projections around its mouth that it uses to suck prey into razor teeth. Umm, that might hurt quite a bit.

Habitat – indigenous to Australia and the coastal reefs of the Pacific, on the ocean floor waiting for fish to approach.

Reproduction – the female hatches about 20 pups within her body, then gives birth to them. Not so different from humans then.


Pulp Fiction

If you’ve not seen it before Pulp Fiction is one of those must see films. It’s like a few sketches out of Quentin Tarantino’s notepad but all of them are linked and work really well together.

The film is not seen in chronological order. It’s as if the director has decided which scene fits in each place in the movie best, and put them together like that, regardless of time.

There are so many bit of this film that I really like and I think that’s one of the things that is so good about it. Tarantino has taken 3 stories which would all have made good films, stripped out he boring bits and stuck them together into one amazing film.



If you have seen Donnie Darko it will be much easier to understand what I mean when I say that this is strange. Both films are set in an American High School setting, which is so over used in American films these days, but both deal with it very differently.

Whilst Donnie Darko takes the horror/mystery line, Rushmore goes down more of a black humor route. Although the film is seldom funny enough to actually make you laugh, is it nevertheless entertaining enough to keep you watching. There are a few dull lovey moments where you look down at your watch, but generally there is enough going on.

Someone at work made me a birthday compliation CD, but most of the tracks are off this film. I couldn’t tell that until I saw the film which is a testament to the quality of the soundtrack.

It’s pretty wierd though, just a film about this weird kid who loves his school.

Grace (Jeff Buckley)


Recently I bought two Jeff Buckley albums: Mystery White Boy and Live At L’Olymia. I haven’t listened to them enough to review them yet so I thought I could review his first album Grace.

Then I thought about it some more and realised that I don’t really like CD reviews. Whate people usually do is a track by track analysis comparing it to other bands and then when you get the CD it sounds nothing like you expected from the review, so I am not going to try that.

Then I thought about writing something about Jeff Buckley’s short life and untimely death, which is quite interesting, but has been done before a lot of times. Instead I wrote what is below, which is original at least, if a little opinionated.

I think one of the problems is that music is such a personal thing and it sounds different to everyone. Rebekah really likes Jeff Buckley, maybe more that me. I think music affects people in different ways and that is why people like different music, but that is more to do with the people than the music.

Most people try and define what kind of music they like by the sound of the music. This is also called the genre. Some people like dance music, some people like punk, some people like metal etc. It seems that what people like about these genre’s is the way that the music sounds.

I do agree that the way the music sounds is important but I think there is more to it than that. Content is incredibly important. For example, the song, Feeling Good has been covered a lot of times and in a lot of different ways, from a slow jazz version by Nina Simone to a rock metal version by Muse. I think this demonstrates that it is the song itself which is good or bad, not the style in which it is done. When I listen to new music I try to hear the good bits in it, whatever style it is in.

That’s not to say that I enjoy listening to all music, far from it. In fact I think when you start to listen to the quality of the music, and how it is affecting you, you realise how much rubbish music there is, of all genres.

However, sometimes you find something truely good, like Jeff Buckley. I remember getting back froma day’s riding one day and Rebekah was sitting inside reading a book by the fire with Jeff Buckley on. I came in and just sat and stared at the fire and listened until the CD stopped. There’s not many CD’s I can listen to without doing anything else, but this is one of them. If you are open to new things then listen to Jeff Buckley. He has written some of the most beautiful music that I have ever heard.