The Shawshank Redemption

This has got to be one of the best films I have EVER seen. it truly is so so good. The story follows this guy called Andy Dufrane, who gets jailed for murder basically. im really really crap at writing reviews so im not gonna speak for that long. when you get to the end you just realise how everything fits together. what amazes me about this film is that it did so appallingly at the box office. it bombed really badly, so they pulled it out of the cinema, and sent it pretty much straight to video. it has to be in my top five films ever, if not top because it is sooo good. i recommend everyone in the world to watch this film. morgan freeman is so incredible in it, as is tim robbins. i havent really seen tim robbins in much else since apart from high fidelity (also a very good film). but basically if you like good films then you will probably like the shawshank redemption. go watch it!

someone rereview this because its crap.

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