clothing5.jpgNoid co is a new website run by Tom and Nigel (and me). The site covers the Tenterden scene as well as the trips we go on. Noid co also sells products. At the moment there are only t-shirts, but hopefully soon there will be hoodys and hardware.

That picture on the right is one of the t-shirt designs. Most of the stuff is designed by Tom I think. He is studying art or something at Epsom and all the designs are really good. Nigel did photography at college and now does some freelance work, so the photos on the site are really good as well.

So any way, go to the site and buy a t-shirt. Tom: I haven’t got your designs yet. Also, you should set up a Noid paypal account so people can pay for their stuff straight into that. (like for the barend dvd which I bought yesterday)

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