If you have seen Donnie Darko it will be much easier to understand what I mean when I say that this is strange. Both films are set in an American High School setting, which is so over used in American films these days, but both deal with it very differently.

Whilst Donnie Darko takes the horror/mystery line, Rushmore goes down more of a black humor route. Although the film is seldom funny enough to actually make you laugh, is it nevertheless entertaining enough to keep you watching. There are a few dull lovey moments where you look down at your watch, but generally there is enough going on.

Someone at work made me a birthday compliation CD, but most of the tracks are off this film. I couldn’t tell that until I saw the film which is a testament to the quality of the soundtrack.

It’s pretty wierd though, just a film about this weird kid who loves his school.

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