Wobbegong Shark

I have not done a shark update for a very long time as I have been very busy being a wife and earning Ben some money. But due to popular demand here is a shark update. I hope you enjoy it. It is about the shark with the most amusing name: The wobbegong shark. They don’t tend to eat people, which makes them a lot less interesting.

They are quite funny looking though:


And they will bite you if you stand on one. Which is understandable. Yesterday I saw a lady who had lost her teeth but was looking forward to getting them back so she could bite people yum yum yum.

Some information about wobbegong sharks (orectolobus ornatus)

Size – 10 feet long

Diet – The wobbegong has wormlike projections around its mouth that it uses to suck prey into razor teeth. Umm, that might hurt quite a bit.

Habitat – indigenous to Australia and the coastal reefs of the Pacific, on the ocean floor waiting for fish to approach.

Reproduction – the female hatches about 20 pups within her body, then gives birth to them. Not so different from humans then.


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