Happy Birthday to Seb

sebbyg.jpgNot sure if it’s the 30th or 31st so, at midnight, happy birthday to sebby g.

Seb just passed all his exams and will be going to study in Cardiff. I hope you had a good summer and look after yourself in Wales.

In Extras, the new sitcom from Ricky Gervais, there is a character called Maggie who askes questions like “Would you rather burn to death or freeze to death”. This reminds me a lot of Seb. He always asks “What would you do if…” questions, or “who would you rather kill, your brother or your sister”, Answers in the book.

Probably the most fun of these questions is the 10 metre game – you have to choose who you would kill in a 10 metre radius.

Extras has finished for this series. I have got them all on video so if you want to come down for a visit and watch them you are very welcome.

Some interesting facts about Seb:
He likes pirates
He has false teeth
His old website receives over 25 hits a month even though it’s never updated.

There are absolutely no other interesting facts about him.


Cheeky Steve told me I don’t update my website enough so this is specially for him:

[it’s only bike riding]

I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.

That’s Steve on the right. About a year ago we looked for the word Shrimmo (that’s Shrimmo on the left) on Google and nothing came up. I tried to change that but to no avail. This is another attempt – I have put it as a title to help googlebots find it. I hope that if I say the word Shrimmo enough times then it will be found. This was a fairly fun place to work. Not all heads down, type type. I could show you a graph of people verses profits and where does the line go?

Hopefully going to ride some jumps on Wednesday night and Friday daytime. Email me if you want to join in the fun.

Ben Marwood – Give Up.. Just Once, Give Up

thumb3.jpg“Somebody once told me that ambition fuels the human race, I believe that inspiration more than has it’s pride of place, If we’re stripped of our ambition we would not sit motionless, If we lost our inspiration we’d all run for government I guess.” – Ben Marwood.

This is a lyric from the new CD from Ben Marwood. It makes me laugh. If you have never heard on Ben Marwood, which would not be suprising, he is a singer/songwriter from Reading. He likes Ben Folds and he writes good songs.

Somehow I seem to have heard all of the songs on this CD before, except “Fake It Till You Make It” which is my favorite. I think they are reworkings of some songs that were put on the site a few months ago. They are really good anyway. This is the first time that Ben has attempted a full band version of a song. It works really well, although I generally prefer his more acoustic songs.

One of the good things about supporting unsigned artists is that the will let you try before you buy.

Ben will be at the Reading Festival this weekend, so go and place your order today, and hopefully when he returns on Monday his inbox will be flooded with orders. Go on, it’s only £2 – how cheap is that.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever To Tell

int_yeahyeahyeahs.jpgWell, since lots of people search for it I might as well write some more about this band. I have had their first (and only I think) album for a while but it has taken me a long time to really get into it. The first few times I heard it I did like it, but it just gets better the more you hear it.

The end of the album is definately the best – Maps, Y-Control and Modern Romance are probably the best songs but the rest of the album is still really good. (You can hear pin on the easter 05 video). There are also two secret tracks, making 13 in total – good value for money.

I would really like to see them live. The lead singer is a woman. I heard her on the radio ages ago and she sounded a bit annoying but then I think she would be pretty entertaining as she seems to go a bit nuts in quite a few songs.

yeah.jpgAlso what I really don’t get is there are only 3 of them, and only 1 guitarist, but there are often 2 guitars and a bass on a lot of their songs. How do they do this live?

[edit: I have since learnt that the guitarist (Nick Zinner) uses a foot pedal to record a sample and then loops it, which is pretty clever stuff. ]

What else is there to say really. I don’t much like reveiws where people compare one artist to another, or try and classify the music into boxes. I guess I would recommend that you listen to Maps and Modern Romance. If you like these songs then buy this album. If you don’t then go and buy some Brian Adams.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are currently working on new material in the studio which they say is going in a different direction, (Did someone say tabala?) expected autumn 2005.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

These are the most popular search terms on this site for this month. This gives me an idea of what people out there want to see more of on this website:

mako sharks 9 – Becky can sort this out
lemon shark 7 – and this
yeah yeah yeahs 5 – I’ll write something on this
gbh ramps 3 – I don’t know too much about GBH so if someone wants to write a review…
nick drake 3 – and I’ll do this
trampoline tricks 3 – I want to get the trampoline out again soon so more of this I hope
mirah hindley 3 – I have no idea how this came up, but Becky has a morbid fascination with this kind of thing
hastings skatepark 3 – Going here soon I hope, so some more pictures on the way.
saltbury bmx 2 – don’t know
brian molko 2005 2 – he’s in placebo right?
fathom bmx 2 – that’s easily dealt with
sharks eating 2 – another one for rebekah
where is coxhoe skatepark 2 – go here to find out
sharks eating humans 2 – rough
trampoline bike 2 – more on the way I hope
dirtsurfer uk 2 – hmm maybe we should get the dirtsurfers out again.
yeah yeah yeahs maps 1 – ok ok.
steath trails 1 – no sorry nothing on this
wearing new shoes 1 – what?
bare boy 1 – sick.
the shawshank redemption 1 – seb’s already done this but maybe I can add some more
kenji tsuruta bmx 1 – a rider from Japan I think
imogen heap hide and seek download 1 – good good
bmx jam at joey s woods 1 – yep that was yesterday. more soon.
stink socks 1 – what?
world war 2 sharks attacks 1 – ww2?
epsom bmx trails 1 – soon I hope
when did richard whiteley die? 1 – 26th June 2005
jumping mako sharks 1 – more sharks?
photos of dislocated wrist 1 – there are some x-rays here if that helps
unreal skatepark 1 – yeh, they need a website. I keep on meaning to offer to make one but it’s summer. I’ll make one when they get the new place.

Interesting? Got to keep the punters happy.