Happy Birthday to Seb

sebbyg.jpgNot sure if it’s the 30th or 31st so, at midnight, happy birthday to sebby g.

Seb just passed all his exams and will be going to study in Cardiff. I hope you had a good summer and look after yourself in Wales.

In Extras, the new sitcom from Ricky Gervais, there is a character called Maggie who askes questions like “Would you rather burn to death or freeze to death”. This reminds me a lot of Seb. He always asks “What would you do if…” questions, or “who would you rather kill, your brother or your sister”, Answers in the book.

Probably the most fun of these questions is the 10 metre game – you have to choose who you would kill in a 10 metre radius.

Extras has finished for this series. I have got them all on video so if you want to come down for a visit and watch them you are very welcome.

Some interesting facts about Seb:
He likes pirates
He has false teeth
His old website receives over 25 hits a month even though it’s never updated.

There are absolutely no other interesting facts about him.


Cheeky Steve told me I don’t update my website enough so this is specially for him:

[it’s only bike riding]

I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.

That’s Steve on the right. About a year ago we looked for the word Shrimmo (that’s Shrimmo on the left) on Google and nothing came up. I tried to change that but to no avail. This is another attempt – I have put it as a title to help googlebots find it. I hope that if I say the word Shrimmo enough times then it will be found. This was a fairly fun place to work. Not all heads down, type type. I could show you a graph of people verses profits and where does the line go?

Hopefully going to ride some jumps on Wednesday night and Friday daytime. Email me if you want to join in the fun.


I have just been looking back at old pictures and it made me remember how sad winter is – I actually feel quite sick just thinking about it. I really hate it. It’s so long and so cold and boring. I am going to hibernate and play the guitar for a long time.

Ben Marwood – Give Up.. Just Once, Give Up

thumb3.jpg“Somebody once told me that ambition fuels the human race, I believe that inspiration more than has it’s pride of place, If we’re stripped of our ambition we would not sit motionless, If we lost our inspiration we’d all run for government I guess.” – Ben Marwood.

This is a lyric from the new CD from Ben Marwood. It makes me laugh. If you have never heard on Ben Marwood, which would not be suprising, he is a singer/songwriter from Reading. He likes Ben Folds and he writes good songs.

Somehow I seem to have heard all of the songs on this CD before, except “Fake It Till You Make It” which is my favorite. I think they are reworkings of some songs that were put on the site a few months ago. They are really good anyway. This is the first time that Ben has attempted a full band version of a song. It works really well, although I generally prefer his more acoustic songs.

One of the good things about supporting unsigned artists is that the will let you try before you buy.

Ben will be at the Reading Festival this weekend, so go and place your order today, and hopefully when he returns on Monday his inbox will be flooded with orders. Go on, it’s only £2 – how cheap is that.


This website is really good. More people should support it. I added Lenham skatepark. As you can see it is terrible.

So go here and put in where you live. If you local park doesn’t come up then go and take a picture and put it in. Also if you visit a park on there that hasn’t got a photo, then take one and send it in [like] [i] [did].