Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

These are the most popular search terms on this site for this month. This gives me an idea of what people out there want to see more of on this website:

mako sharks 9 – Becky can sort this out
lemon shark 7 – and this
yeah yeah yeahs 5 – I’ll write something on this
gbh ramps 3 – I don’t know too much about GBH so if someone wants to write a review…
nick drake 3 – and I’ll do this
trampoline tricks 3 – I want to get the trampoline out again soon so more of this I hope
mirah hindley 3 – I have no idea how this came up, but Becky has a morbid fascination with this kind of thing
hastings skatepark 3 – Going here soon I hope, so some more pictures on the way.
saltbury bmx 2 – don’t know
brian molko 2005 2 – he’s in placebo right?
fathom bmx 2 – that’s easily dealt with
sharks eating 2 – another one for rebekah
where is coxhoe skatepark 2 – go here to find out
sharks eating humans 2 – rough
trampoline bike 2 – more on the way I hope
dirtsurfer uk 2 – hmm maybe we should get the dirtsurfers out again.
yeah yeah yeahs maps 1 – ok ok.
steath trails 1 – no sorry nothing on this
wearing new shoes 1 – what?
bare boy 1 – sick.
the shawshank redemption 1 – seb’s already done this but maybe I can add some more
kenji tsuruta bmx 1 – a rider from Japan I think
imogen heap hide and seek download 1 – good good
bmx jam at joey s woods 1 – yep that was yesterday. more soon.
stink socks 1 – what?
world war 2 sharks attacks 1 – ww2?
epsom bmx trails 1 – soon I hope
when did richard whiteley die? 1 – 26th June 2005
jumping mako sharks 1 – more sharks?
photos of dislocated wrist 1 – there are some x-rays here if that helps
unreal skatepark 1 – yeh, they need a website. I keep on meaning to offer to make one but it’s summer. I’ll make one when they get the new place.

Interesting? Got to keep the punters happy.

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