The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever To Tell

int_yeahyeahyeahs.jpgWell, since lots of people search for it I might as well write some more about this band. I have had their first (and only I think) album for a while but it has taken me a long time to really get into it. The first few times I heard it I did like it, but it just gets better the more you hear it.

The end of the album is definately the best – Maps, Y-Control and Modern Romance are probably the best songs but the rest of the album is still really good. (You can hear pin on the easter 05 video). There are also two secret tracks, making 13 in total – good value for money.

I would really like to see them live. The lead singer is a woman. I heard her on the radio ages ago and she sounded a bit annoying but then I think she would be pretty entertaining as she seems to go a bit nuts in quite a few songs.

yeah.jpgAlso what I really don’t get is there are only 3 of them, and only 1 guitarist, but there are often 2 guitars and a bass on a lot of their songs. How do they do this live?

[edit: I have since learnt that the guitarist (Nick Zinner) uses a foot pedal to record a sample and then loops it, which is pretty clever stuff. ]

What else is there to say really. I don’t much like reveiws where people compare one artist to another, or try and classify the music into boxes. I guess I would recommend that you listen to Maps and Modern Romance. If you like these songs then buy this album. If you don’t then go and buy some Brian Adams.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are currently working on new material in the studio which they say is going in a different direction, (Did someone say tabala?) expected autumn 2005.

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