Growing Wild

In January 2015 I set a new years resolution to finish my album in 2015.

I started writing the songs for this album when we moved to the little house by the woods back in 2010. I wrote these songs walking in the woods and fields, and in central London where I was working. Many of the songs were recorded in the shed, complete with woodburning stove:

As always life got in the way, we moved from our little house in 2013 and the songs sat unloved for a few years. This year I wanted to set them free. I had hoped to have more time to polish them, but the deadline is 2015. There were also sadly a number of songs that didn’t make it. In the spirit of “done is better than perfect”, my “new” album, Growing Wild is now available on Bandcamp.


I say “I”, but Rebekah wrote one of the songs.

Vote for me

A few weeks ago I entered a busking competition. I did this song which in hindsight was probably a mistake as it’s so quiet and no-one knows it, but never mind.I should have done some cheesy beatles cover but never mind. Please give me a sympthy vote!

I worked out a system for what songs would work well to busk:

  1. If I like it
  2. If Alan Partridge likes it

That’ll be lots of Kate Bush then!

Don’t forget to vote:

2 new old songs

I have been working on little bits of hundreds of songs for ages, but riding always got in the way. Since I have not been riding for a while I have had a chance to finish some of them. They are on myspace and have 0 listens, which is mildly embarrasing.

Both of them are about 4 or 5 years old, but just never really got finished, so I am glad that they are done now, even if the recording quality is terrible. If you can bear my voice then you might like to listen, but I know it’s not good so I won’t hold it against you.

Where were you?

So the bike seems to be working out alright. One of the results of moving was that I sorted out all my CDs and put most of them onto iTunes. This week I rediscovered this little gem. Badly Drawn Boy is such a hit and miss artist, but this song is so good. I only found it because this single was really cheap. I wonder if he has any other good songs hidden away?

Here is a live version. Probably best to just listen 😉