Ben Marwood – Give Up.. Just Once, Give Up

thumb3.jpg“Somebody once told me that ambition fuels the human race, I believe that inspiration more than has it’s pride of place, If we’re stripped of our ambition we would not sit motionless, If we lost our inspiration we’d all run for government I guess.” – Ben Marwood.

This is a lyric from the new CD from Ben Marwood. It makes me laugh. If you have never heard on Ben Marwood, which would not be suprising, he is a singer/songwriter from Reading. He likes Ben Folds and he writes good songs.

Somehow I seem to have heard all of the songs on this CD before, except “Fake It Till You Make It” which is my favorite. I think they are reworkings of some songs that were put on the site a few months ago. They are really good anyway. This is the first time that Ben has attempted a full band version of a song. It works really well, although I generally prefer his more acoustic songs.

One of the good things about supporting unsigned artists is that the will let you try before you buy.

Ben will be at the Reading Festival this weekend, so go and place your order today, and hopefully when he returns on Monday his inbox will be flooded with orders. Go on, it’s only £2 – how cheap is that.

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