Here are my statistics from this month 164 164 111 111 97 97 67 67 60 60 46 46 30 30 25 25 24 24 22 22 18 18 15 15 11 11 9 9 8 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 6 6 5 1239 5 5 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 3

Here are my statistics for a few months ago: 289 289 227 227 126 126 106 106 96 96 67 67 34 34 27 27 21 21 17 17 15 15 14 14 13 13 12 12 11 11 10 10 9 9 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6 6 5 5 5 5 4 4

Here is my analysis:

The shovel load is high becasue I let Yak use my webspace for videos so everyone that gets a video off there is a hit to my website. Interestingly I get more hits from there than from having my site on the front page of Pretty Shady, which accounts for the next highest hits. Derelict give me the next load of hits. Interestingly I still get a lot of traffic from unknown trails rider even though it’s not been updated in about 6 months.

Fitline-austrailia is the site I made for Achim. doesn’t get me any hits anymore becasue it’s moved to Then it gets interesting.

All of the hits from and have gone, as Rudi doesn’t really do those sites anymore. A few months ago I was getting hits from Trail Addict and 13mx, but I haven’t had any this month. Random BMX gave me a link about the time of the first lot of stats which is why there are a lot of hits coming from there. Now it’s a bit old so I have got less hits.
I get a lot less hits from small wheels big thrills than I used to, proably becasue Chris doesn’t put my site on his news page so much.

Some strange ones: I get hits from I don’t know what that is from, all I can guess it that someone on a xanga site is using my pictures? Also hits from

Digital BMX give me a nice 7 hits a month which is good.

New to the list are Trendwhore, BMX Fraternity and Dig and Ride.

What does this tell us? Who knows, except that those last 3 sites are going to get more visits from me in the future and some promotion.

What suprises me is that this site gets any hits anymore. I haven’t put any riding photos up for such a long time, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon since I can’t ride. Oh well, come back in a year or so.


mainpic1.jpgIt just took me 15 minutes to put on my right sock. This is because I can’t bend my right leg. This is good because yesterday I couldn’t get it on at all. My hamstrings are very tight, and until now I have been too lazy to strech. Now I can’t do much else, and I have been told how important it is.

George Frnch wrote this, which sums it all up quite well, but a lot of people don’t like George French so I’ll tell you some stuff that Tim told me or that I heard somewhere or that I made up becasue it sounds true.

Tim used to do Kung Fu and so he would stretch a lot. The person who taught him Kung Fu said that stretching was very important to you health, and keeps your body strong and supple. I read a book about Bruce Lee once and there was a lot about stretching in there too.

You know you get those yound tennis players who are really good and then you don’t hear about them ever again. Apparently that is becasue they didn’t stretch, so their bodies wore out much quicker that the player who do stretch.

Stretching helps to stop you from developing tendonitis.

It’s tiring too. I ahve been trying to stretch my legs and arms as well as my back but it’s really tiring. I do it when I watch TV so it doesn’t take any time out of my day.

Achim ( doesn’t strech before he runs, he just starts slowly. Tim thinks that this is good becasue if you fall off then your body won’t bend too much into an unfamiliar shape. I don’t agree with this for two reasons.

1. Riding is not like running. You can’t really start off slow – not trails anyway, and it’s explosive, which puts strain on your body.

2. I was told at school that muscles are like blue tac. If you pull them when they are cold, they don’t stretch out so well, but when they are warm, they don’t snap. I don’t know how true this is but it sounds right to me.

Yak has been having a lot of problems with his back. He has gone to see a chiropractor today. I hope they can sort him out becasue backs are dodgy things. I expect that they will tell him lots of stretches to do. I guess what is important is to do the stretches before you get the problems, that way it should be preventative. And also to stretch all of you body, not just the bits that hurt.

So the moral is that it is really important to stretch, at bit before, but especially after you ride. I expect there are people reading this think, yeh but I can’t be bothered, I’ll be ok (Joe probably!). But you won’t be. One day you’ll be old. I want to ride when I am old so I am going to start stretching lots now.

Daytime TV sucks

There’s not really much news considering I can’t really do anything or go anywhere. I can’t get to work, but they send work home for me, so that is giving me something to do. i have already watched 4 films and hours of daytime TV, so there might be some film reviews coing this way.

Tim gave me a lift and I hobbled to some trails on Wednesday to do some filming.

I made some changes to the mega book and I have also been playing the guitar a lot.

I also made this website for Fitline. I need some of that stuff to heal my knee.

I have had a total of 44 click on my google ads in the last 6 months. That has earnt me $4.54. Click click?


Yesterday on my way home from work, I was riding back to my car and, without looking, I pulled out infront of an oncoming car which hit me at about 25mph. So I am lucky to be able to write this I guess. On the downside, my leg is broken, so that’s the end of my summer I guess. See you next year.

P.S. This is not a joke.

May Fayre

Every year Heacorn runs a May Fayre on bank holiday Monday. I am a bit behind on my updates so this is from a week ago.

Also every year there is a sudan chair race. Because Tim is now a firefighter he had to take part in the sudan chair race this year, and because he is the newest firefighter he was the lucky person that got to dress up in the old fireman’s uniform and sit in the chair.

The race was close between the PTA and the firefighters at first. the scouts we left way behind.

But the PTA soon got out in front and ran to victory leaving the pathetic firemen in their wake. So if your house burns down call the PTA.

They dropped him a few times. I think this whole thing is pretty hilarious. He was in the kids fire-engine on some scaffold poles, dressed in yellow water proof trousers and squirting people with a water gun.

They all come out on the bank holidays. Man or woman?

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

It’s the weekend in about 1 hours time. The weather is looking good (if you live in Bournemouth). I dare you to not look at the internet from now until Monday morning.
Flowers. I made that daisy chain.

Barbeque in the sun with guitar. Fun. It’s summer, which is good.
Last night I was on my way to the trails when I looked behind me and realised I was being followed by a little kid. I pulled into the derelict farm and he said “my mates told me about some ramps near here”, so we went in and looked for the ramps. I pretended they had been knocked down and that I was going home. I rode off and he was still following me so I let him get ahead and then promptly disappeared into a driveway. That’s one less annoying kid at the trails.

What’s going on

Ok here’s some news with no pictures.

Gregory was kept in hospital again last night. He was very dehydrated apparently, mainly because the hospital didn’t give him anything to drink. He still has all his teeth, and is watching bmx’s on TV so it looks like it will be ok.

This morning I was on my way in to work when I noticed some stopped cars in front of me. I put my brakes on but I wasn’t stopping in time so I pressed harder and skidded. That didn’t work so I put the car into the hedge and bouced along the ditch for a bit. The car seemed ok apart from a hole in the bumper. Tim is fixing my brakes for me today. Thank you.