May Fayre

Every year Heacorn runs a May Fayre on bank holiday Monday. I am a bit behind on my updates so this is from a week ago.

Also every year there is a sudan chair race. Because Tim is now a firefighter he had to take part in the sudan chair race this year, and because he is the newest firefighter he was the lucky person that got to dress up in the old fireman’s uniform and sit in the chair.

The race was close between the PTA and the firefighters at first. the scouts we left way behind.

But the PTA soon got out in front and ran to victory leaving the pathetic firemen in their wake. So if your house burns down call the PTA.

They dropped him a few times. I think this whole thing is pretty hilarious. He was in the kids fire-engine on some scaffold poles, dressed in yellow water proof trousers and squirting people with a water gun.

They all come out on the bank holidays. Man or woman?

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