Nac Nac

Yak said Nac Nacs should be banned but I think they are a great trick. Can someone please explain this picture to me. What way round is the bike? The picture is from this website:

11 responses to “Nac Nac”

  1. no cos then his arms are the wrong way round? in an unturndown the right arm would be much nearer his body.


  2. hands in normal position, foot off brought back left leg pushing back end forward naturally. and that my friends is a nac nac.


  3. no thts wrong. def a nac nac. like i said before. cameras sometimes screw images up. like making a wheel disappear etc.


  4. NacNacs are one of the best feeling tricks you can do andalso the worst if its forced. If that is’snt a whip it looks a bitlike one of taj’s one footturndown’s which is weird cos when you take your foot that’d be at the front of you turndown off itkinda wants to turn into a xup nac nac. Try it!


  5. i still cant see it. to me it looks like he has his left foot on the left pedal and his right foot off the bike, but then how come the front wheel is facing us?


  6. actually i can see it now. its very confusing though. like one of those 3d pictures that jumps out and then goes in again.


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