About 2 years ago we started digging small jumps at hoggs green. Nothing came of it – the pikies smashed them all up. When we were digging a couple of kids used to come down and ride around with us. One of these kids was called Gregory and he must have been about 7. Now it’s 2 years on and he has grown up a bit. He has his own BMX and his parents take him to the skatepark. They also bought him this for his back garden:

05022628.jpgLucky boy. This ramp is near Tenterden, but they are moving house back to our village (long story) and want to bring the ramp with them. Good news for us if we can find a good site for it (their garden is too small).

So we went to have a look at it on Saturday. We spent about and hour trying to dry it with a broom, mop, sponges, cloths and tissues but then it started raining, so we decided to just take it down.

The following people have been doing a good job at the trails:
The Shovel Load – Yak digs lots as always.
Wikstidian – Mark (and maybe Chris) have been digging more.
Dirt Lads – Wingham is looking totally nuts. Berms around landings rule.
Pretty Shady – Joe digs for bournemouth.
Derelict BMX – No updates on this site for a while which can only mean one thing – they are out digging again.
Rory – No pictures but you can trust him to be digging.
Paul Beechy – No website but he told me about 8 different sets of trails that he is building now.

Who said the trailscene was dead. I love mountain bikers.

Blue Shark

blueshark1.jpgI think this is probably the worst shark. It just doesn’t look very nice. It is the only gay shark. There are no recorded incidents of gay activity in sharks but this a shark to be suspicious of.

The problem with this shark is it’s very smooth skin and roundy shaped mouth.

The blue shark is a open ocean shark and is maybe England’s main shark. But hopefully the great white might frequent our sea more.
They do sometimes attack people, usually divers who are trying to make them bite them. It is a deep sea shark so it doesn’t tend to get surfers. It can swim quite fast, but not as fast as the mako shark.


Blue sharks have big eyes because they often swim deep in the sea where it’s dark.

The blue shark is described as a prolific breeder.


Worms dig.

thisisnotaskateboard.jpgIf you remember that picture then you have been looking at this website for two years. Congratulations. Put your name in the book and get a prize. This picture is of me sliding down a wooden rail outside my maths building. I used to do this everyday when my lectures had finished. Slide down the banisters, run outside and slide down this rail. Then onto the bike and ride home. Fun days.

I need to ride soon. I have 17 days annual leave to use up soon so someone make me an offer of a riding trip in the next few weeks (not 1st March, 9th March or 10th March).

No Snow

That’s a name of mountian board. I used to be into mountain boarding, dirtsurfing and the like. I ran a website called dirtsurfer uk. It was ace. I might archive it sometime. It’s fun but headcorn is as flat as a pancake, and it’s not really worth driving 5-10 miles to roll down a hill when you can just go and ride the trails round the corner.

So we were promised 15 cm of snow and we got nothing. That sucks becasue I have to go to work. I think it’s just the weather people sensationalising to raise viewing figures.

Look at this. Wohoo. I’m rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams.

You did a good job of clicking adverts yesterday. Six clicks. Well done – that was probably just Rudi! Anyway thanks for my 0.33 dollars. That works out as 17p. Stick to ebay I guess.

Theres some new wallpapers up here.

Took a while to get to work today. I listened to Sigur Ros this morning. Seriously some of the best music ever made. Apparently I was wrong – they don’t sing in Icelandic they sing in Hopelandic: singer jon thor birgisson has invented a language called hopelandic, a mix of english and icelandic.

Earn your keep for the day. This webiste is not free you know. You pay by pressing the adverts on the left down the bottom. If you go to a page about something specific it will give you specific adverts. Pretty clever huh. Also you can go and visit a random media page. If you find one that is broken please tell me in the book and I’ll go and fix it. Happy snow.

The Forestry Commission

This is an interesting document. Let me draw your attention to paragraph 3:

3. Decide whether you want to stop use and whether this is possible
The flow chart on page 7 will help you to make you decision. Again this offers some solutions. There is no point bulldozing a course that you know will be rebuilt the following week.

I thought that was really interesting. Just as we think that there is no point in building once a site has been plowed the people who might arrange plowing think that there’s no point in doing it if we will just rebuild. They are worried about driving the situation more underground and not being able to control it. So if your trails are on forestry commission land, and they get plowed, go and build them again.