About 2 years ago we started digging small jumps at hoggs green. Nothing came of it – the pikies smashed them all up. When we were digging a couple of kids used to come down and ride around with us. One of these kids was called Gregory and he must have been about 7. Now it’s 2 years on and he has grown up a bit. He has his own BMX and his parents take him to the skatepark. They also bought him this for his back garden:

05022628.jpgLucky boy. This ramp is near Tenterden, but they are moving house back to our village (long story) and want to bring the ramp with them. Good news for us if we can find a good site for it (their garden is too small).

So we went to have a look at it on Saturday. We spent about and hour trying to dry it with a broom, mop, sponges, cloths and tissues but then it started raining, so we decided to just take it down.

The following people have been doing a good job at the trails:
The Shovel Load – Yak digs lots as always.
Wikstidian – Mark (and maybe Chris) have been digging more.
Dirt Lads – Wingham is looking totally nuts. Berms around landings rule.
Pretty Shady – Joe digs for bournemouth.
Derelict BMX – No updates on this site for a while which can only mean one thing – they are out digging again.
Rory – No pictures but you can trust him to be digging.
Paul Beechy – No website but he told me about 8 different sets of trails that he is building now.

Who said the trailscene was dead. I love mountain bikers.

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