blueshark1.jpgI think this is probably the worst shark. It just doesn’t look very nice. It is the only gay shark. There are no recorded incidents of gay activity in sharks but this a shark to be suspicious of.

The problem with this shark is it’s very smooth skin and roundy shaped mouth.

The blue shark is a open ocean shark and is maybe England’s main shark. But hopefully the great white might frequent our sea more.
They do sometimes attack people, usually divers who are trying to make them bite them. It is a deep sea shark so it doesn’t tend to get surfers. It can swim quite fast, but not as fast as the mako shark.


Blue sharks have big eyes because they often swim deep in the sea where it’s dark.

The blue shark is described as a prolific breeder.


2 responses to “Blue Shark”

  1. Ur a suss who really says that a shark is gay its a fucking shark for fucks sake…….
    A shark it doesnt have the erge to fuck a guy


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