That’s a name of mountian board. I used to be into mountain boarding, dirtsurfing and the like. I ran a website called dirtsurfer uk. It was ace. I might archive it sometime. It’s fun but headcorn is as flat as a pancake, and it’s not really worth driving 5-10 miles to roll down a hill when you can just go and ride the trails round the corner.

So we were promised 15 cm of snow and we got nothing. That sucks becasue I have to go to work. I think it’s just the weather people sensationalising to raise viewing figures.

Look at this. Wohoo. I’m rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams.

You did a good job of clicking adverts yesterday. Six clicks. Well done – that was probably just Rudi! Anyway thanks for my 0.33 dollars. That works out as 17p. Stick to ebay I guess.

Theres some new wallpapers up here.

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