Coxhoe Skakepark

Another press release from Lisa at GBH ramps here. She put love in her email this time…

They have built some new ramps in Coxhoe which is in the north somwhere. I will probably never go there but I might as well do a review anyway.

Here are some pictures of the ramps:
They look like they are metal covered in non-slip paint.

Good things about this skatepark: floodlights, separate “skate” section – where the steps are – to get the skaters out of the way. Transitions between the hips to make smaller hips which look fun, lots of fun looking volcano things, the spine mini section at the back looks really fun.

Bad things about this skatepark: money wasted on a bench and steps, small spine is too small, no good box, big volcano might be too big.

All in all it looks like a pretty well built park. Maybe a bit more consultation with riders would have been good as I can see a few tweaks that would help matters, but there are a few good lines.

It’s hard to tell without having ridden it really.

GBH Ramps

I got an email from Lisa at GBH ramps. She’s a hottie. Who calls their skateboard park company Grevious Bodily Harm Ramps? That’s just asking for trouble. The links are pictures. I think I am supposed to tell you about the new skatepark they have built in Bristol. That’s it above. Here’s a review from somone that’s never been there.

The spine is too small. There’s no jump box. There’s no quarter at the roll-in end. They are the things I don’t like.

Things i like – Flood lights, Spine mini, Quarter to flat bank hip (alley oop transfers.), Nice big space out the back for skaters to roll aroubnd and crankflip in/flatland/ghetto ramps. Transfer from spini mini to roll-in.

Things I am not sure about: Is the spine mini big enough? Should there be more hips (between the 2 quarters maybe). Is the volcano ridable by anyone who isn’t insane?

GBH make concrete bowls as well. Can we have a discount on one in Headcorn for all this great advertising? I’ll make you a website…

Westkingsdown Skatepark

From Random Bmx:
Just got some info and a new park Kevin Garwood has been building…
“West Kingsdown skatepark, it’s been open for the last couple of weeks… The park is real small, but it’s got a loada stuff crammed in, nice volcano, few quarters, wallrides, driveway/grind box, hip line, and a box/sub-box/mellow quarter type thing there, so it’s all good and rideable! ”
I went to this skatepark at the weekend. There are some good things about it and some bad things. The street spine was really nice, and it was fun to just air the quater, do the spine, tyre tap and go back. Next to this line is a 5ft lip and 6ft platform box, which is probably 6-8 ft long. It is really big and has a trany landing which is great, but it’s just too big for me to be able to get the speed. Also if you can get the speed you are shot into a small quater which is very hard to air at that speed so it’s brakes time. As you can probably see from the pictures, the ramps are very close together which means you can’t fit those pedal strokes in.
The other side of the park is driveways and stuff to keep the skaters out of the way, which is good. Also there is an inset quater which is good for walltaps, which I can’t do. The hip is fun but thin if you want to do it regular. In fact it seems that most of the park is built from someone that rides left foot forwards. The ramps are well built though and ride nicely. The transitions are good and well finished and it all feels right.
Here is some tricks. Air, Someone who could actually clear the box, and a trye tap which is harder than it looks from this angle.