I got an email from Lisa at GBH ramps. She’s a hottie. Who calls their skateboard park company Grevious Bodily Harm Ramps? That’s just asking for trouble. The links are pictures. I think I am supposed to tell you about the new skatepark they have built in Bristol. That’s it above. Here’s a review from somone that’s never been there.

The spine is too small. There’s no jump box. There’s no quarter at the roll-in end. They are the things I don’t like.

Things i like – Flood lights, Spine mini, Quarter to flat bank hip (alley oop transfers.), Nice big space out the back for skaters to roll aroubnd and crankflip in/flatland/ghetto ramps. Transfer from spini mini to roll-in.

Things I am not sure about: Is the spine mini big enough? Should there be more hips (between the 2 quarters maybe). Is the volcano ridable by anyone who isn’t insane?

GBH make concrete bowls as well. Can we have a discount on one in Headcorn for all this great advertising? I’ll make you a website…

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