Coxhoe Skakepark

Another press release from Lisa at GBH ramps here. She put love in her email this time…

They have built some new ramps in Coxhoe which is in the north somwhere. I will probably never go there but I might as well do a review anyway.

Here are some pictures of the ramps:
They look like they are metal covered in non-slip paint.

Good things about this skatepark: floodlights, separate “skate” section – where the steps are – to get the skaters out of the way. Transitions between the hips to make smaller hips which look fun, lots of fun looking volcano things, the spine mini section at the back looks really fun.

Bad things about this skatepark: money wasted on a bench and steps, small spine is too small, no good box, big volcano might be too big.

All in all it looks like a pretty well built park. Maybe a bit more consultation with riders would have been good as I can see a few tweaks that would help matters, but there are a few good lines.

It’s hard to tell without having ridden it really.

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