I have been going busking in my lunchtimes for the last few weeks. It has been really fun. I am not trying to make money really, but practice performing in front of people without getting nervous, and just enjoying myself.

Today I got moved on by some community wardens. They were nice enough about it, but they said you need a license to busk here, and the council don’t like giving them out. They suggested I tried busking on the tube, but you need a license to do that and they are not currently issuing them.

So that makes me a bit stuck. If I get caught again I could be fined and have my guitar taken away. Not really sure what to do. I want to keep playing at lunchtime but not sure if I can. I need somone with a nice warm shop who will let me perform to their customers!

14 responses to “Busking”

  1. jsut try and get a busking liscence in that place from the council theyd probbaly give u one if theynew u wernt doing it for monney i rekon.


  2. maybe you could do a new thing called mobile busking, if you are walking around you can be obstructing anywhere, and you are not collecting money so its not busking. im sure there is a cafe around which you can use though?


  3. I am such a tool.

    I have only just read this and I was in London on Thursday! I didn’t say anything before becuase I was leaving before 5 so I thought you’d be in work.

    In the end I got an even earlier train home as I was fed up with the grey weather and all those grey expressions. I’m not saying London folk are unfriendly but they’re not very friendly either.

    I managed to get lost and then Thom Yorke walked right past me.


  4. Bearing in mind I was lost at the time: somewhere south of Seven Dials/Neal’s Yard, north of Trafalgar Square, east of Leicester Square and west of Covent Garden.

    I think it was Monmouth Street?


  5. it’s not fair! how often to you go to London? Not very.. I am there everyday and I never see anyone I recognise… I do walk around in my own little world though


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