24th September

I think have recovered enough from last night’s trauma to share…

I went off exploring, looking for a new place to dig, and I got sort of lost. I mean I wasn’t really lost but I didn’t know the best way to get back to the road. I had been following this river for about a mile after I crossed it, and there was no bridge. It was getting a bit dark, and I had to get back to the road before I got trapped outdoors all night. I had to cross the river to get back to the road and I didnt’ want to walk all the way back to the bridge, so I found a narrow place to jump across.

Another complication was that I had my bike with me, so I decided to see if I could jump across the river first, intending to go back for my bike if I was successful. So I jumped cleanly over the river on my first attempt. No problem, just go back for the bike, chuck it across, and I can get back to the road.

On my second attempt to jump the river, the foot that I jumped off sank into the mud, making my jump short. Both of my shoes got stuck in the mud, but i carried on to the other bank. So I am standing in a bog on the edge of this river in my socks. Somewhere in the bog infront of me are my shoes. So I got stuck in. I was up to my kness and elbows in mud and stucks. It really really stank. I cleared a large part of the bog (about a square meter) in search of one shoe, but after about 15 minutes it was too dark, so I retrieved the other shoe, walked across the bog and all the way back home, covered in stinky slime. I was really sad because I was wearing my orchid shoes and I really liked them.

So I need a new pair of shoes. Cheap ones. Any suggestions.

17th September

Lots of news:

Its pretty much autumn. You know its the end of the summer when you are cutting up firewood, ironing shirts for work, cleaning out the drinks cooler, aching all over and indoors by 8.

The last week or so has been pretty amazing. Thank you to everyone who let me ride their trails, drove me around, and made riding fun. On Saturday I had a few bad crashes and now I can’t really use my right arm anymore. I had this injury two years ago and it took longer to heal than a broken leg, but its the end of summer so it could be worse.

I am back to work now. It’s not too bad considering I can’t see out of the window! Its good to be taking on a new challenge.

I don’t really feel link internet-ing at the moment, but when I do there will be some pictures on this website. I have a lot of pictures from the summer that will appear over the coming winter months.

Trails watch: It’s time to decide where you are going to dig this winter. Get down there and clear the space of leaves and brambles, so when the rain comes it will soak in quickly and you will be able to start building right away.

rich table picture
Rich Table.

Who said hello?

The origin of the word “hello” is hotly debated by some.  I go with what Stephen Fry thinks but Wikipedia seems to disagree.  I think it is interesting anyway:

 When the telephone was invented people didn’t seem to know what to say when they answered it.  So a newspaper asked the public what they thought.  Someone suggested “hello” and here we are today.  Prior to “hello” when people saw each other they said “good morning”, “good afternoon” and “how do you do?”.  I think it would be good if we used a few more of those in our greetings.  Liven up the place a bit.

 Another word which was decided upon by the newspaper-reading public followed a debate about what you call those who watch the television.  Radios have listeners, do televisions have “lookers”?  Or “watchers” perhaps?  Apparently they have “viewers”. 

 I think words are pretty interesting.  Personally, I avoid terms like “unbelieveable” and use “fantastic” instead.  Except when I actually don’t believe you.