24th September

I think have recovered enough from last night’s trauma to share…

I went off exploring, looking for a new place to dig, and I got sort of lost. I mean I wasn’t really lost but I didn’t know the best way to get back to the road. I had been following this river for about a mile after I crossed it, and there was no bridge. It was getting a bit dark, and I had to get back to the road before I got trapped outdoors all night. I had to cross the river to get back to the road and I didnt’ want to walk all the way back to the bridge, so I found a narrow place to jump across.

Another complication was that I had my bike with me, so I decided to see if I could jump across the river first, intending to go back for my bike if I was successful. So I jumped cleanly over the river on my first attempt. No problem, just go back for the bike, chuck it across, and I can get back to the road.

On my second attempt to jump the river, the foot that I jumped off sank into the mud, making my jump short. Both of my shoes got stuck in the mud, but i carried on to the other bank. So I am standing in a bog on the edge of this river in my socks. Somewhere in the bog infront of me are my shoes. So I got stuck in. I was up to my kness and elbows in mud and stucks. It really really stank. I cleared a large part of the bog (about a square meter) in search of one shoe, but after about 15 minutes it was too dark, so I retrieved the other shoe, walked across the bog and all the way back home, covered in stinky slime. I was really sad because I was wearing my orchid shoes and I really liked them.

So I need a new pair of shoes. Cheap ones. Any suggestions.

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