Who said hello?

The origin of the word “hello” is hotly debated by some.  I go with what Stephen Fry thinks but Wikipedia seems to disagree.  I think it is interesting anyway:

 When the telephone was invented people didn’t seem to know what to say when they answered it.  So a newspaper asked the public what they thought.  Someone suggested “hello” and here we are today.  Prior to “hello” when people saw each other they said “good morning”, “good afternoon” and “how do you do?”.  I think it would be good if we used a few more of those in our greetings.  Liven up the place a bit.

 Another word which was decided upon by the newspaper-reading public followed a debate about what you call those who watch the television.  Radios have listeners, do televisions have “lookers”?  Or “watchers” perhaps?  Apparently they have “viewers”. 

 I think words are pretty interesting.  Personally, I avoid terms like “unbelieveable” and use “fantastic” instead.  Except when I actually don’t believe you.

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