28th March

The jumps are drying out which is good news. I was watering things this morning. I have also been working on The BMX Family. Can you read it ok? What do you have as your homepage? Answers in the book…

I have also been experimenting with this thing (doesn’t work in firefox yet). I know its the same, but look in the top right corner where it says “Quick Check..”. I thought that could be pretty useful. Maybe put the top 10 most popular sites in there?

Here are 3 BMX sites that are updated often and I didn’t know:
BMX Fraternity
Chelt BMX

22nd March

I have been talking to various people about digging on your own. The general consensus is that digging on your own is better than with people. I am inclined to agree. You have your pick of all the tools and the wheelbarrow, and you don’t tend to get distracted. Often you get as much done on your own as you would if there were more people there as you just get on with it.

Riding on your own is a different matter though. Its a lot more fun to ride with people than by yourself.

I was talking to Nigel yesterday about motivation too. He said that I seemed to be quite motivated about digging and things. I haven’t really thought about it before but I guess I just don’t like wasting time. I have got a bit obsessed by not wasting time. Like there are certain things that I won’t do when its light (like fixing my bike), because they can be done when its dark and I don’t want to waste the daylight. In my old house we had the TV and the computer in the same room so you could do both at the same time, which meant you got twice as much done! Now I just don’t watch TV. I shouldn’t use the computer so much either as it is a waste of time.

20th March

Can someone bring a copy of the new dig to the trails on Saturday please. Thanks 🙂

I have a lot of respect for people who build trails. Especially when they are building about 5 miles from two of the best sets of trails in the country like these guys.

I remember when Will and Max started off Wingham, and I advised them to just go and dig at Epsom, or some other trails near them. I am glad they ignored me. Having your own trails is a totally unique experience and I am so happy that some people do it.

19th March

Pretty busy weekend. Digging at three different sets of trails. Things are slowling coming together for the summer.

We tried riding Joeys on Saturday. I was terrible. Couldn’t make it over the second properly most of the time. They were pretty soft though so hopefully they will work really well when they are dry and hard.

Its amazing how many people crawl out of the woodwork when the sun comes out. Where were you when it was raining and cold?

I have been working on this

Tricklist is one of the best BMX sites around.