13th March

Most people’s trails are very dry. I was looking at the weather last year, and it seems things were very dry about this time last year. This was very dry. Last year it was then very wet in April and May, so that may happen again this year. It might not though. I think this is my favourite jump I have built, but I’m working on some stuff now that might beat that.

Liam spends almost as long cleaning his car as I spend shaping lumps of mud. Shiney Shiney.

If this doesn’t make you go and do some digging then you might as well quit.

Dartford Skatepark is open (thanks RandomBMX).

9th March

I had a letter from the council today. It looks like they might grant temporary (2 years) permission, but some thing need to be changed at the jumps first. I would like to get down there next saturday with as many people as can join me so we can sort out the stuff they want changing and get stuff running better for this summer. I would also like to make a smaller line so there is more stuff that people can ride. Please come and help e next saturday!

8th March

Paul and Tom have both been to the new park in maidstone and say that it is too slippery. Some skaters have made a film. It looks like it would be good if it weren’t so slippy.

If you have any comments about the initial design you can contact Amanda Scott on amandascott@maidstone.gov.uk or call 01622 602647. I suggest that you let her know that the park is too slippery.

6th March

Happy birthday to WeAreHomegrown. I still think you are the kind of person who would enjoy building trails.

Trails are fun. It’s not about making the biggest jumps, its about having a good time in the woods. I would love to go to a set of trails that didn’t have any jumps, just long rhythmn sections where you can pump around all over the place and never have to pedal or brake. How good would that be. If you like/d lego when you were young, then you’ll probably like mud sculpture.