Regina Spector and other bits

I get to listen to a lot of music at work now, so I download stuff in the evenings and listen to it in the day. Here are some of my best findings:

Regina Spectorsongs.jpg
I heard this on Zane Lowe. Download “Us” and “Prisoners”. Best thing I have heard since Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek.

Anthony and the Johnsons
are good. Especially “Hope There’s Someone”.

Sufjan Stevens
Everything this guy does seems to be pretty good.

Busta Rhymes – I’ll Hurt U
Pretty good for Busta Rhymes.

Jose Gonzalez
Pretty big success since the bouncy balls advert, but the song Heartbeats is actually a cover by an electronica band called The Knife.

The Knife
Quite different to other stuff I listen to but pretty interesting. Get “Heartbeats” and “You Make Me Like Charity”.

The Futureheads – The Hounds Of Love
By far and away their best song. Probably their only good song.

Also, go to Ricky Gervais’s website and download his podcasts. They are funny and keep me amused for most of the day.

Please tell me some other good music.

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