Old media

dumbcat.jpgaristocat.gifWhile I have the opportunity (broken leg) I am clearing out all my old media. This is a picture of Tim and Phebe’s cat. It is jumping up at the door (about 4 foot high) to be let in. It disappeared recently along withg 2 other cats from the same road. Catnappers, like in the aristocats. This seems to happen about once a year – their cats disappear. I am not sure if it’s becasue they get killed, stolen or they run away because they don’t like it.

This is a picture that I made about 2 years ago for no reason, but I can’t delete it unitl it’s stored safely on the server.

Also here is a picture of some scans I did of Tim’s exrays from when he broke his arm. I think they are interesing.

It’s getting hot in here

Hmm, news news news. Well you probably saw the Joey’s pictures. I want to go there when my cast is off but I don’t have high hopes really.

Went out with Nige and Tom yesterday and saw some designs for the NOID t-shirts and stuff which look amazing.

I made a new links page today so go hit that up. Have a look at all the usual sites, shovelload, derelict, and also go to blurredout.com and get the video. Pretty good stuff.

Not muchg else going on, just melting.