BMX World Championships

This is stolen from Random BMX who stole it from BMX Board. The results for the BMX World Freestyle Championships:

1 Morgan Wade USA
2 Alistair Whitton Chester
3 Sergio Layos Spain
4 Luke Fink AUS
5 Ben Hennon England
6 Hannu Cools Bel
7 Dave Osato CAN
8 Brian Kachinsky USA
9 Tobias Wicke GER
10 John Heaton Canada
11 Ruben Alcantara Spain
12 Kye Forte UK

mini ramp:
1 Koji Kraft USA
2 Morgan Wade USA
3 Sergio Layos ESP
4 Mark Webb UK
5 Alistair Whitton UK
6 Luke Fink AUS
7 Kenji Tsuruta Japan
8 John Heaton Canada
9 Garcia Hektor Mexico
10 Juan Ruiz ESP
11 Clint Millar Australia
12 Dave Osato CAN

1 Michael Sommer AUT
2 Jorge Viki Gomez Spain
3 Ryoji Yamamoto Japan
4 Alex Jumelin FRA
5 Nathan Penonzek Espana
6 Hiroya Morizaki Japan
7 Matt Wilhem USA
8 Frank Lukas Germany
9 Wolfgang Sauter Germany
10 Matti Kuoppa Finland
11 Yohei Uchino Japan
12 Puente Jessie USA

1 Kye Forte England
2 Corey Bohan Australia
3 Adam Baker USA
4 Sergio Layos Spain
5 Heath Pinter USA
6 Romuald BB Noirot France
7 Ryan Barret USA
8 Patrick Guimez France
9 Marcus Hampl Germany
10 Luke Fink Australia

1. Simon Tabron
2. Eduardo Terreros
3. Koji Kraft
4. Zach Shaw
5. Benny Kopp
6. Tim Eichert
7. Shaun Eglington
8. Jon Taylor
9. Aze Etzold
10. Luke Fink
11. Pete Marselle

And here is my in-depth analysis: First thing to notice is that all of the Flatland riders are different from the others, not suprisingly, and there’s no English ones and lots of German and Japanese ones.

Next thing, Kye Forte beat Corey Bohan in dirt, which is quite an achivement. He also appears in the Street list which is pretty good going. The only other people that appear in two lists are Morgan Wade, Ali Whitton and Dave Osato.

When I looked through the list I was very impressed with Sergio Layos – 3rd in street, 3rd on the mini ramp and 4th on dirt. Pretty good going. But….

Lunke Fink! Has anyone ever heard of Luke Fink? No. Well he is in the top 12 for everything except flatland. Amazing I think.

One response to “BMX World Championships”

  1. YUp, luke fink is fucking awesome, from australia, came into the main scene a couple of years ago at the worlds, or X-gaymes or something like that, and blew everyone away


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