Call this a gross overgeneralisation if you must, but docotors are useless.

I went to the hospital and had my cast taken off today. The doctor got me to sit on the bed and roll up my trouser leg. He said, “can you bend it”. “I said I haven’t tried yet”. The he said, “hmmm I’ll go and look for you x-rays.” Then he came back about 10 minutes later, without the x-rays and touched my leg a bit, like for about 5 seconds and said, I’ll get you a brace. He came back with the brace and said “I am not sure how to put this on so you’ll have to come back on Friday to get someone to do it.” “Also I am not sure about your injuy so you’ll have to come back in 2 weeks (!) to see a specialist.” Great. This guy was a complete moron. The brace is covered with velcro and hurts my legs and slides down all the time so I am abandoning it. I can’t bend my knee much at the moment and the doctor said it wasn’t a good idea, but what does he know?

Moby is an idiot.

moby-hood-web.jpgDid you know Moby was an idiot? Well it’s a fact. He has written some essays in the play sleeve, which I find incredibly annoying and show the world how stupid he really is. He begins:

“Fundamentalism (of any kind) worries me. The world is too big and too intricate to conform to our ideas of what it should be like.”

Well to start with this is contradictory. Moby’s views on fundamentalism are very fundamentalist themselves, but maybe I could forgive him this paradoxical statement.

Moby then goes on to list some more of his own fundamental beliefs. I’ll list some for you:

“Prisoners shouldn’t have to fear rape, abuse and murder while they are incarcerated.”

“A prisoner should be able to pay their debt to society with ample, constitutionally guaranteed, protection from harm.”

“I do not want any government making decisions regarding what I can put in to or do to my own body.”

“An individual’s own body is not the jurisdiction of the state.”

“Animals are sentient creatures with their own wills and it seems wrong to force out will onto another creature just because we are able to.”

“As compassionate citizens we need to be adamantly intolerant of regimes that openly and intentionally victimise segments of their populations.”

Ok I am going to stop there. Surely this is a list of fundamental beliefs, the kind which Moby has just said that he doesn’t agree with. It doesn’t matter if you agree with his ideas or not, the point is he is completely full on contradictions. His ideas clearly aren’t thought through. Well, he’s embarrassed himself there, next.

This is where it becomes hideous. Read this sentence:

“Institutional racism, prejudice, homophobia, antisemitism, and hate of any kind, are, at the risk of sounding absolutist, always intolerable”.

‘At the risk of sounding absolutist’? It’s an absolute statement. You used the word ‘always’! It seems that Moby can’t see that this whole concept is one big contraction. He is totally against prejudice, especially to certain parts of society – those who belief that homosexuality is wrong for example. In fact you mist as well say that he is prejudiced against homophobics. Yep, that’s right, Moby is prejudiced.

Again, it doesn’t matter if you agree with his ideals or not, this whole opinion is completely contradictory.

The point is that Moby is entitled to hold his beliefs, whatever they are, but to say that he is not prejudice, fundamentalist or absolutist is just not true. Just because his opinions conform with the majority of his society doesn’t make them any less prejudiced. He is racist to racism, homophobic-phobic and anti-antisemitic.

It doesn’t make sense that he is allowed to have his own opinion but that other people are not.

In his opening statement Moby also makes this criticism of religion: “So many religious and political and scientific and social systems fail in that they try to impose a rigid structure onto what is an inherently ambiguous world.”

But then to finish off Moby gives us a whole section of quotes from famous religious leaders about the evils of eating meat. Firstly this is another fundamental view that Moby holds and is forcing upon other people. Secondly, he is using religion, which he has just denounced, as a tool to support his views. Thirdly, and most annoyingly, he is taking all of these people severely out of context. He is using religions like Judaism and Islam to denounce the practice of eating meat, when in fact these religions do not promote this idea at all; their rules are simply concerning certain meats. Moby thinks it’s fine to take a small section of what these religions teach, and then reject the rest. (Incidentally both of these religions are also against homosexuality, but Moby doesn’t like to think about this.)

Other people agree with me.

2 days!

No updates on here for a few days but the front page has been changing a bit. I am going to the hospital on Tuesday. Hopefully they will take this fibre glass tube off my leg and I will be able to walk and drive at least. Not sure how long till I will be riding. I did 180 yesterday with the cast off so if it feels this good then I will god and ride straight away but I expect when I comes off I will feel weak and bad.

This is a good place to build jumps:

I saw gregory and some of his freinds, with a new bike, down at sainsburys. They were having fun on this ramp.

Old media

dumbcat.jpgaristocat.gifWhile I have the opportunity (broken leg) I am clearing out all my old media. This is a picture of Tim and Phebe’s cat. It is jumping up at the door (about 4 foot high) to be let in. It disappeared recently along withg 2 other cats from the same road. Catnappers, like in the aristocats. This seems to happen about once a year – their cats disappear. I am not sure if it’s becasue they get killed, stolen or they run away because they don’t like it.

This is a picture that I made about 2 years ago for no reason, but I can’t delete it unitl it’s stored safely on the server.

Also here is a picture of some scans I did of Tim’s exrays from when he broke his arm. I think they are interesing.

It’s getting hot in here

Hmm, news news news. Well you probably saw the Joey’s pictures. I want to go there when my cast is off but I don’t have high hopes really.

Went out with Nige and Tom yesterday and saw some designs for the NOID t-shirts and stuff which look amazing.

I made a new links page today so go hit that up. Have a look at all the usual sites, shovelload, derelict, and also go to and get the video. Pretty good stuff.

Not muchg else going on, just melting.