Call this a gross overgeneralisation if you must, but docotors are useless.

I went to the hospital and had my cast taken off today. The doctor got me to sit on the bed and roll up my trouser leg. He said, “can you bend it”. “I said I haven’t tried yet”. The he said, “hmmm I’ll go and look for you x-rays.” Then he came back about 10 minutes later, without the x-rays and touched my leg a bit, like for about 5 seconds and said, I’ll get you a brace. He came back with the brace and said “I am not sure how to put this on so you’ll have to come back on Friday to get someone to do it.” “Also I am not sure about your injuy so you’ll have to come back in 2 weeks (!) to see a specialist.” Great. This guy was a complete moron. The brace is covered with velcro and hurts my legs and slides down all the time so I am abandoning it. I can’t bend my knee much at the moment and the doctor said it wasn’t a good idea, but what does he know?

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