I am trying to remember when spring happens. It’s one of those strange things. One day its miserable and dead, the next everything is alive. This is the deadline for having the trails finished. If they are not done then, you might as well give up on having greenery at the trails this year. The question is when is that date? It’s not the 8th March, cos stuff is still very dead, and it’s definatley not the 13th June (above) becasue everything is very alive by then. It’s somewhere between the two, I am guessing sometime in April. The problem is that all last years photos of that time are from Orange, the deadest trails ever, and the year before my camera was broken from March to June so no evidence there. Go and dig some dirt jumps.

Snowy days

The snow in these parts has been bad which has stopped any use of the car for the last for days. On the picture above you can see Happy Time Harry running along in the snow. Then on the right you have becky catching the snow. It was the size of her eye apparently.

I saw some tracks in the snow. They were about as big as my hand and were about as far apart as my footprints. Tim saw some similar ones. They looked a bit like foxes but a massive fox. This is useful So Tim thought it might be a big cat. There have been a lot of sightings. On further research I decided that they were rabbit tracks. Tim will still insist that it was a puma, which would be cool.

Above – The river broke its banks and flooded everywhere, there was a lot of snow and ice around.

I also dug a trench to the river. It was such a good feeling just watching all the water running out into the river. I must have drained about a foot of water.

Old pictures

You couldn’t get much futher from this at the moment. March has come but it has only brought more snow so far. To be honest I am quite glad. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done at the trails before they dry out. Tim keeps saying that we can’t do it until it starts to dry, but there is a long list of things in my head that needs to be done before then. The way I see it, the more it rains (or snows) now, the less we’ll get in the summer.

Spring is great. This is Tim waiting for the trails to dry out, back in the day before we knew about wood. Now we know the benefits of wood so there will be less waiting and more riding.

High summer – About 5 days before I got married. I came off on this day when riding these and got a huge cut on my head. Good wedding pictures.

Wood is the best thing.

These jumps got built in a 4 day weekend. Started Thursday night in the dark and they were actually finished early on the Sunday. Tom Stanley stopped on his way through becasue he saw me digging. He said he would come and lend a hand, but the jumps were finished 2 days later. That was hard work.

This was also a fun day. Tried to learn lookbacks on the trampoline and then took it to Hoggs Green. No lookbacks happened but I almost got a turndown out.

Some jumps in Reading. Now houses.

Spring, and some more early pictures from the trails. Maybe the first time these jumps were ridden.
A Mountain bike at PORC. Good style.